Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Quick Fix Ways By Plumbing Services In San Jose To Unclog Drains

Clogged drains are a common problem for which plumbing services in San Jose are required and we all are well aware of the warning signs. The sink takes a little longer than usual to drain. Also, water starts pooling around your feet in the shower. Or you might smell something fishy! That’s right, clogged drains smell really bad. Now that you know the signs, you’ll need to act on the problem without any further ado. There’s an old saying- A stitch in time saves nine. This holds especially true for plugged drains as one small step taken at the right time can save you from immense damage. Here are some quick fix ways which you can try once you see the warning signs. If it helps, well and good. If not, then seek help from a professional.

Bent wire hangar

Convenient to find, easy to apply and practical to implement is the bent wire technique where you need to insert a bent wire past the drain cover. By repeated fishing with the hangar, you should be able to go past the clogged zone and thereby free the clingy stuff.

Boiled water

Probably the simplest of all is to just take a kettle of boiling water and pour it down the drain giving problem. The hot water will certainly free the plugged tube of the deposit.

These are some simple remedies which you can adopt. But it is advisable to avoid use of harsh chemicals to unclog drains as it does more harm than good in the long run. If the problem persists, it’s best to get in touch with professional plumbing services in San Jose.

Benefits Of Maintenance Service Offered By Plumbing Services In San Jose

It is imperative to have maintenance for plumbing system as that has various long term as well as short term benefits. There are plumbing services in San Jose who are well equipped to do the same.

While there are many entities power and gas supply which constitute in the building plan, one cannot really undermine the importance of the plumbing system in the plan. This is where the need for expert plumbing services in San Jose comes. Now, the plumbing service is just not restricted to planning and execution of the system but also in its regular maintenance.

Longer serving system

Once the system is installed, one would like it to be functional for a longer span. This is possible when the planning and execution is precise and the quality is not compromised. Besides, to make it serve longer even measures to maintain it is required. During maintenance services, small problems are detected and treated before it becomes big and thereby the lifespan of the whole system increases.

Reduced repair

During maintenance, problems like leaks and clogs are diagnosed early on and effective measures are taken to correct the same. It could be due to corrosion or rust. This way in future fewer repairs are required.

Improved water pressure

The water pressure of shower and faucets often diminishes with time. This could be due to hidden leaks, lime scalebuild-up or other plumbing issues. During maintenance, these things will be taken care of, thereby increasing water pressure.

Cost effective

Leaks in pipes are common and something that goes amiss till a long time. Therefore, one may be paying added water bills without realizing. During regular maintenance work, these leaks will be identified early on and corrected to give better output and less cost.

The cost of not only utility bills but the cost of repair and replacement also drastically reduces with effective maintenance procedure in place.

The importance of an efficiently working plumbing system is something not many think of until something goes wrong with it. Most of the times, realization comes when the system breaks down and requires heavy repair and replacement. Not only does this become expensive but the time span of repair or replacement affects day-to-day life as water supply is essential for all daily activities from bathing, washing utensils and clothes, using toilet, cooking and much more! Therefore, it makes sense to invest in high quality plumbing services in San Jose for maintenance purpose alone. This will have great long term impact in making the day-to-day life of the resident hassle free.

Simple Advice From Plumber In San Jose To Prevent Clogging

The most common plumbing problem faced by one and all is clogged drains. In such cases, you’ll immediately call plumber in San Jose and they’ll do the needful procedure to relieve you of the problem. Most of the times chunk of grease or hair is found to be plugging the drainpipes. These are easily removed by the plumber but such professional help is not always available at hand. Moreover, since prevention is better than cure, it’s advisable to take recommended measures to prevent clogging. Here are few simple measures that might help.

Food waste disposal

The most common cause of kitchen pipes getting clogged is the disposal of food waste down the drain. Avoiding this will give great relief to those pipes which will not get choked further.


Besides kitchen waste, another element which adds to clogging pipe issue is our own hair. It’s natural to lose a certain amount of hair strands especially when you wash your hair. If hair is forced to go down the bathroom drain, then there’s a high possibility of the drain getting clogged.

Toilet paper

Some people have the habit of flushing the toilet paper. Not only toilet paper, sanitary napkins are also not spared. All these items tend to clog the toilet drain which is then unable to function properly.

Before blaming the pipes for getting cogged, we should adopt healthy practices to prevent future clogging. In case, it has happened, we should seek professional help from plumber in San Jose immediately.

Emergency Scenarios When Plumber In San Jose Is Immediately Required!

Emergencies can occur anytime for which a 24x7 service of plumber in San Jose is required who is just a call away.

Plumbing issues are the most common problems which each and every household face from time to time. The requirement of plumber in San Jose steps in here. As such, for routine plumbing services it’s not very difficult to get a plumber. But there might be some emergency cases which would need instant intervention. Here are few examples of situation which when encountered by anyone should be reported to the emergency department for expeditious outcomes.

Sewer line blockage

Sewer drains and pipes constitute the most important aspect of the plumbing system since the waste matter which is sewage flows through them. Any blockage in this system will clog the system. Therefore, one needs immediate professional help to repair and fix the blockage to avoid flooding and excessive damage to the property. In fact, to limit the damage, one can shut the main water valve even before calling the plumber in San Jose.

Broken water pipes

Broken water pipes if left unattended can also cause damage to property by flooding and causing damp in the walls as well. Therefore, these need immediate attention from a plumber who can fix the pipe. This can be fixed by means of professional help only as it might require digging the floor and finding out the faulty part. What one can themselves do to not make the problem worse is just shut the main water valve.

Water heater leaks

Water heater leaks are not something you would ever want to happen especially in the winter season. In such a scenario, all one would have is freezing water with which one cannot do much. Therefore, it’s essential to get the repair done immediately. In fact, to avoid such emergencies in future, one can also get regular water heater maintenance.

Gas leaks

Perhaps the most risky of all plumbing emergencies, gas leaks are something one wishes never to happen. It is dangerous as it can cause fire and explosion, thereby great damage to property along with a risk of life. In case this happens, the first and foremost thing one should do even before calling the plumber is switch off the main gas supply. The plumber called should be efficient and experienced to handle gas leaks and also ensure no such future repetition.

Leaks followed by breakdown of the plumbing system are common and depending on the situation it would need prompt service of plumber in San Jose.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Common Issues With Water Heaters

Water heaters are intricate pieces of equipment. Since it affects the quality of water you get in your home, it is imperative that you take care of it. That entails knowing when problems have come up that you need to repair.

Excessive Noises

Water heaters are normally tucked away in a home, so you probably do not think about it too often. However, if you start hearing loud noises coming from your heater, then it is a sign something has gone wrong. Most of these time, these noises will be pieces of sediment bouncing around the inside.

Temperature Issues

Many homeowners recognize a problem with the water heater when they are unable to get warm water out of any fixtures. However, an equally troublesome problem is when the water is excessively hot. Either one is a good enough reason to contact a professional plumber to visit your house.


Damage to the heater can also result in water leaking from the fixture. If you notice puddles developing around you water heater, then you need to address the problem immediately.

A plumber can perform minor repairs if that is all that is needed. However, a plumber can also install a completely new heater if that would be preferable. For effective water heater repair in Encinitas, find a professional by visiting this website.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Steps to Take in a Plumbing Emergency

Plumbing problems do not always announce themselves ahead of time. Sometimes you find yourself in a real emergency with completely no warning. Here is what you need to do if one occurs in your house.

Eliminate Water Supply

If you have access to the property’s water valve, you should shut it off immediately. When you do this, you prevent water from continuing to flow in your home. Some homes even have an emergency shutoff valve for instances like this.

Move Objects Out of the Room

Leaks can occur anywhere from the basement to your bathroom. Regardless of where it is, you want to move belongings out of the vicinity. Certain objects can sustain heavy water damage that is irreversible. Additionally, you want to ensure that all electronics are unplugged and moved out of the area.

Call an Emergency Plumber

Many plumbing companies offer emergency services. Some of them are even offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter when the leak occurred, you can get a professional to come out to remedy the situation.

Always contact a professional plumber as soon as possible because the situation is only going to get worse if you allow it to exist. Find a great emergency plumber by going to this website. Also they can help you for air conditioning repair in San Marcos.

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