Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Simple Advice From Plumber In San Jose To Prevent Clogging

The most common plumbing problem faced by one and all is clogged drains. In such cases, you’ll immediately call plumber in San Jose and they’ll do the needful procedure to relieve you of the problem. Most of the times chunk of grease or hair is found to be plugging the drainpipes. These are easily removed by the plumber but such professional help is not always available at hand. Moreover, since prevention is better than cure, it’s advisable to take recommended measures to prevent clogging. Here are few simple measures that might help.

Food waste disposal

The most common cause of kitchen pipes getting clogged is the disposal of food waste down the drain. Avoiding this will give great relief to those pipes which will not get choked further.


Besides kitchen waste, another element which adds to clogging pipe issue is our own hair. It’s natural to lose a certain amount of hair strands especially when you wash your hair. If hair is forced to go down the bathroom drain, then there’s a high possibility of the drain getting clogged.

Toilet paper

Some people have the habit of flushing the toilet paper. Not only toilet paper, sanitary napkins are also not spared. All these items tend to clog the toilet drain which is then unable to function properly.

Before blaming the pipes for getting cogged, we should adopt healthy practices to prevent future clogging. In case, it has happened, we should seek professional help from plumber in San Jose immediately.

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