Thursday, 24 November 2016

Signs You Need Sewer Cleaning Services

Clogged sewers can cause water and waste to back up into your home. This serious problem could cause damage to your plumbing and your health. Here are some signs to look for that can indicate a sewer drain clog.

Odd Plumbing Reactions

If the plumbing in your house is reacting strangely, it could be an indication of problems in your sewer line. If the drains in one fixture begin to overflow when you use another, your pipes could be telling you that the water has no place to go. For example, if the drain in the tub bubbles up when the toilet flushes, it could be because of a need for sewer cleaning services.

Clogs Throughout the House

If clogs appear at the same time in fixtures throughout the house it could be an indicator of sewer problems. Because of their direct connection to the sewer, toilets often show signs of clogged lines first. If you have a home with multiple toilets that all clog at once, it could be time to call for help.

Seeing the above signs is reason to call a plumber to your home for assistance. If you suspect you have a sewer drain clog, stop using all of your plumbing and wait for repairs to be completed. Visit this website to learn more about sewer cleaning in Santa Cruz.

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