Thursday, 8 December 2016

4 Reasons to Go Green With Plumbing Fixtures

If you’re due for new plumbing fixtures, it’s a good idea to consider upgrades that are more energy and water efficient. Here are four reasons to go green with your new plumbing fixtures.

1. Lower Your Water Bills

Efficient plumbing fixtures are designed to use as little water as possible while still operating to your liking. Once you make the switch, you might be surprised at how much extra water was used as you showered, flushed the toilet and washed dishes.

2. Lower Your Energy Bills

Because you’re only using as much hot water as absolutely necessary, your hot water heater isn’t working harder than it has to. What this means is you aren’t spending more than necessary on the energy bills for your water heater.

3. You’re Doing Your Part to Conserve Natural Resources

Not only are you saving water in your home, you’re saving water elsewhere, which means you’re contributing to protecting one of the most essential natural resources. You can’t help but feel great about this.

4. You Have More Money to Spend Elsewhere

By saving on your water and energy bills, you have more money to spend or save elsewhere as you see fit.

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